Your prices are so good, are there any hidden fees?

We are proud of our prices and offer you a great value. Many other companies with large overhead may advertise great prices, but when looking into the details, you may discover that much is not included, such as transfers, breakfast or  have you staying in less than desirable accommodations with few meals etc. This can significantly increase their published price. Secondly, we’re upfront with the price. There are no hidden fees. Gratuities for guides, drivers and porters and cash for incidentals is all you’ll need. Due to our long term relationships with our foreign vendors over many years, we can offer you far more than you can get on your own. Suzy is renowned as an excellent shopper and her skills to negotiate hard getting the best price without cutting corners, we do have larger groups to give you the best cost. Finally, we run a tight ship. We don’t waste money on unnecessary things. Since most of our clients are repeats, we don’t need to advertise. These savings are passed directly to you.

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Terry Pawelko