Booking & Cancellation

Our trips do sell out quickly, but there are always cancellations and changes. Once they fill up, we build a waitlist. However, we can’t predict the odds as it depends on those that cancel.

          Our waitlist is not like this

                       It’s more like this

We fill opening via email.   It’s not like a deli serving # whatever.  We often need to fill a spot quickly and don’t have the luxury of time.   The first reply gets a hold for 24 hours to allow time to ask work.  If no reply, general members next in bulk.  There is no specific order, everyone has an equal chance.  All others remain waitlisted and notified again when there’s another opening.

The wait list is really unreliable because most people make other plans.  To stop getting notifications, just ask to be removed.

CANCELLATIONS are tied in with our payment schedule.  In short, the amount of a refund depends on when you cancel.  To cancel a trip, login AFS, go to My Bookings, trip Details and use the cancel button.

PAYMENT SCHEDULE: AFS trips have three payment points:  Deposit, Mid-Point and Final Payment.  Each payment due date is specified on the specific Trip Itinerary and on your Trip Registration Details page once registered for a trip. Be mindful late payments can be considered a cancelation.  See our Terms & Conditions for specific details.

We challenge you to choose places you’d not normally visit on your own and to follow your heart. This is why we only present international tripschoices. We pride ourselves in not having “cookie cutter” tours like other operators. AFS strives to find unique and special activities for every trip. There is a perfect balance of cultural tours and leisure time. You will definitely meet interesting people and make new friends. Some trips can be culturally challenging or physically strenuous. Please choose your tour wisely.

Some AFS tours can be quite active involving long walking tours on cobbled streets or even strenuous river rafting. If you feel this would hinder you in the group, we suggest you contact Grand Circle (800-595-0405) as they cater to a more senior crowd with slower movement. Things differ in foreign countries.

Travel abroad always requires an open mind, flexible attitude and adventurous spirit. We love intrepid tourists who are willing to embrace the unpredictability and exoticism of foreign lands. The purpose of this journey is to have fun, explore, get great photos, make new friends and return home safely with memories always worthy of recollection.

Click the Book Now button located in several places on the web itinerary. If you prefer you may also phone us at 1-770-432-8225. If you get our voice mail, please leave phone number and we’ll call you back.

Book early! All trips fill quickly. For most trips, a $500+  deposit depending on the trip secures your space. Some trips later in the year may require a second deposit around 4 to 5 months of departure. Final payments for all trips are usually due 120 days prior departure. Some prices include round trip air from various gateways, land only prices are usually available.

Group air or not? Regarding group air, we always arrange air from the least expensive departure city and convenient for our clients to reach from any state. A non-refundable group air deposit of $100 is required to hold your spot.  We make no profit on group air and encourage you to arrange your own air from your hometown. Just google various travel search engines to see if you can get a better rate. Then simply meet us overseas on arrival day.

Nearly all of our hotels and lodges are first class, superior or deluxe usually with a 4 to 5 star rating. Even in the African bush you will have a private bath.  If any trip deviates from this it is noted in the itinerary.