Our trips do sell out quickly, but there are always cancellations and changes. Once they fill up, we build a waitlist. However, we can’t predict the odds as it depends on those that cancel.

          Our waitlist is not like this

                       It’s more like this

We fill opening via email.   It’s not like a deli serving # whatever.  We often need to fill a spot quickly and don’t have the luxury of time.   The first reply gets a hold for 24 hours to allow time to ask work.  If no reply, general members next in bulk.  There is no specific order, everyone has an equal chance.  All others remain waitlisted and notified again when there’s another opening.

The wait list is really unreliable because most people make other plans.  To stop getting notifications, just ask to be removed.

Yes we will find you a great roommate.  There’s no single supplement if you are willing to share and we are limited with only a few single rooms per group.   Suzy works hard to match you with a compatible roommate according to your age and personality to save you money. Please understand minimal time is spent in your room on these trips.  We never offer triples.

How well do we match roommates?

Here is a recent note from a client…

“I must  compliment you once again with the roommate assignments.  I do not know how you figure out who gets along with each other but once again you assigned me with another lovely roommate” –  Kathy G.

“We just clicked and had soooo much fun.  Can you  imagine she implied I was a “true Southern Belle.”  Oh yeah, she is a yankee from Philadelphia.   We had sooo many laughs.  I’m sure we will be in touch with each other.“ – C. Mitchell

Hotels limit single rooms per group (usually to 2 or 3) and depending on price, they can go quickly. The single supplement rates are determined by the hotels and can add up quickly, often $700 or more.   Cruise ships often charge nearly double. If available, you can buy a single supplement on any trip, but we encourage you to let us match you according to your age and do our best to match personalities.

I’ve had amazing success in matching roommates for over the decades. You’re only in the room to sleep. Courtesy is contagious. Please be respectful of the other’s privacy. We require a no smoking policy for room sharing, unless both parties smoke. Also, please don’t gossip. “Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, and small minds discuss others.”  Save your money for sleeping and use it for shopping!

To book you click the register now button. If they single room is available simply accept it at booking. If it’s not available you can waitlist for it or sign up in a twin and in our booking form under “accommodations,”  check single preferred and if one become available, you will be offered first to buy it.


Sorry we can’t help you.  It’s not that we don’t want to, but we are not travel agents.   Therefore we do not have the tools to help with individual reservations.  AFS can only arrange accommodations for groups, not individuals.  When we ask our group suppliers they quote rack rate, so you are better off googling the hotel making your own reservation online.  For air, we do use consolidators that. for a small fee can do individual reservations to assist you in air plans that coordinate with group air.  used as well.  Our goal is to book the airport that offers the best schedule and rates.  We provide you with a guidelines on when to plan your flights into and out of these airports.

Sorry, no.  We are a tour operator that designs and organizes global group tours.  We do not have the resources and time to cater to individual needs in helping plan extended trips on their own.  There are countless ways now to google any tour or pay the travel agent fee (note, they are now called Travel Advisors.). A resource we like is for options in every city on earth.