Adventures For Solo Travelers has simplified the booking process. There’s no need to log in here. Go to Our Trip Page, find a trip that you want, click the Book Now green button to be taken to our booking service site powered by  From there you’ll be prompted to enter your information using your email as your username.


The first time using it, you will be prompted to create a password.  You’ll have the option to not log out. This way you could enter any information or make changes to your booking as needed.    The page link will also be emailed to you after you book. If there is no space on the trip, you’ll be prompted to waitlist.   

We suggest bookmarking the WeTravel webpage so you can find your way back using the embedded link.  If you lose the link, no worries.  Go back to the trip itinerary page and click that Book Now button and you’re in!    

By the way, while you’re at the itinerary please take a look at the tab labeled Trip Tips this is where we put all vital trip info specific to your trip.  It’s created to answer all. In today’s travel environment, it’s more important than ever to read it  

Happy Travels,

The AFS Team