Travel: Packing 101

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We’re going to put it out there and go ahead and say that packing is not fun…at all. We’re travelers around here, though, and have learned a thing or two over the years that have helped us pack like pros. Whether you’re going on a weekender to the desert or a weeklong overseas jaunt, we put together a few tips and travel-friendly items that will do you wonders.


Yes, there is a difference! While there are a million and one things we want to bring, there are a few things that we have to bring and can’t be bought during the trip. Did you pack the following? ID / passport, medication, contacts / glasses, debit / credit card and cash. If you’ve got those necessities and aren’t going to a remote location, you are golden. Don’t panic about the other stuff. We always tell ourselves, “You can always get it while you’re there.”


When you’re thinking about your outfits, make sure multiple pieces work together. Do your sandals work with a couple different outfits? Can those jeans be paired with a few different tops? Can your workout shoes double up as walking shoes? Last but not least, though we hate to say it, easy on the shoes. Those are heavy and take up lots of room. Dresses or jumpers, on the other hand, do double duty!


If you’re bringing two bags (one checked, one carry-on), really think about what’s going in the carry-on. First of all, make sure all of the ‘must-bring’ items from tip #1 are included…Pack an extra lightweight outfit, just in case of a spilled-coffee mishap or again, ya never know. Last and certainly not least, always make sure your toiletries are truly travel-sized, because airport security is never, ever going to let it slide.


If we could bring our entire skincare routine in all it’s glory, we’d have an entire suitcase filled to the brim. Luckily, places like KIEHL’SSEPHORA and TARGET have made it super easy for us to get the travel-sized version for pretty much everything. When there isn’t a travel size option, TRAVEL BOTTLE SETS are your best friend. And while we’re no TSA, we know you gotta follow the rules: 3.4 ounces or 100 milliliters for all liquids, creams, and gels, y’all. Toothpaste counts as a gel, but luckily MARVIS makes the chicest travel-sized paste!

When packing clothes, the ultimate packing tip is not to fold the clothes; instead, roll them. This will help you save space in your suitcase to put other stuff, and the clothes will not get any wrinkle. But first, only pack the clothes that you need. Do not stuff your bag with unnecessary clothing that you take back unworn – be deliberate! You can also use plastic compression bags; this is another way to save space. Rolling clothes vs. folding them is a travel pro tip! Try it; you will get at least 25% more in your case.

Put Small Items Inside Shoes & Wrap Them
The shoe hack is a tried and tested method! You can put small jewelry, cosmetics, or electronics in your shoes. Doing this enables you to use the space for various random small things. I often use shoes to pack items I’ve collected overseas—random items like handmade soap, hot sauces, etc. Shoes also come in handy for anything glass, assuming the item will fit.

Shoes’ soles are dirty and will also make the other things in your luggage dirty. To avoid this, wrap your shoes with a piece of cloth or pack them in a plastic wrapper. Or, you can also use a shower cap which is often provided free at hotels! If you do this, the shoes will not contact your clean items. A zip lock bag is also the best way to carry your shoes. Carry shoes according to your need heading hiking. One sneaker or sports shoes is enough, or if visiting a beech site, do not forget to pack the slippers.

Pick The Right Suitcase Or Bag
Pick your suitcase depending on where you are going. Sometimes a briefcase is not the right choice, considering you have to travel throughout the city and get your bag, it is hard to carry your suitcase on busses and other public transport. Get the duffel or backpack instead. The suitcase is perfect when you do not have to take it everywhere, have an extended vacation, and pack many things. Always try to carry a bag or suitcase that is not too heavy because it will double the load when you fill it with clothes and other stuff.