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A Luxury Journey of Royal India

Dec 2-11, 2024      Luxury, Journey of Royal India   “Maharaja Express, A Royal Journey of India “    Small Group

Signature Suzy VIP life-enhancing journey for 16 privileged guests.    Join me on a dazzling Namaste experience like no other into the golden age of travel, reminiscent of the royal Mogul legacies. You know, glorious India is my favorite country, with its energy so contagious it keeps calling me back. Come discover this land of contrasts.- splendor and rags, elephants and tigers, 2 million gods, 100 different languages and endless colors, it truly is a world in one country. 

Alpine Adventure, Austria & Germany Christmas Markets

Dec 1-9, 2024     Alpine Adventure, Austria & Germany Christmas Markets.  Small Group

Holy Wienerschnitzel, if you want a totally different getaway, you’ll love our new AFS vacation of pure class and splash! Journey one with us into the romantic cities of Vienna, Melk, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Lagenfeld and Munich, with a ton of fun along the way. Winter comes alive each December.