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Wild Zambia & Magical Malawi

May 1-10, 2024     Wild Zambia & Magical Malawi    “Valley of Leopards & Lake of Stars” Small Group

See unfiltered Africa as never before on our new AFS thrilling safari into two different worlds teeming with wildlife and breathtaking landscapes in Malawi and Zambia!

Enchanting Sri Lanka & The Dreamy Maldives – limited space

March 28 – April 7 or 10, 2024     Enchanting Sri Lanka & the Dreamy Maldives

Here’s a 10-day vacation that will take you to two extraordinary destinations beyond your wildest imagination. We start our journey by diving deep into the enchanting beauty of Sri Lanka, known as the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean”, just as you wished! Our main focus during this trip will be on experiencing the stunning natural wonders and abundant wildlife that this paradise has to offer. It’s a dream come true for any animal lover.