AFS Book with Confidence 2022-23

Thank you for booking and your trust in AFS! As the world opens, we are ready for you as we navigate through the Covid rules to deliver a safe and fun vacation experience. We endeavor to create responsible tours with the highest standards of services, comfort and safety with our professional partners to guide you along the way. Protocols in each country differ. We will work diligently to keep you informed on each destination-specific requirement.

The health of our travelers is our highest priority, as it has always been since 1989. In this ever–changing travel environment, we are all in this together to ensure things go smoothly and help everyone feel more safe. All must take responsibility for following the rules. Travel is a shared experience. We adapt and embrace any challenges with confidence for the freedom to go abroad. Together, we press on to travel boldly.

Our Pledge to You

We work closely with our vetted global suppliers who uphold the highest safety standards. Local guides and trip leaders will ensure safety measures are followed. All our hotel properties and cruiselines have passed strict cleanliness protocols. Drivers and local guides are vaccinated and passed stringent safety tests. AFS groups will be smaller. Physical distancing will be stressed. We will monitor your trip daily and provide emergency support if your trip is disrupted.

Your Pledge to AFS

Read our Trip Tips. Know the Covid rules of your airline. Follow directions from your local guides. Sanitize hands frequently. Wear a mask when advised—purchase travel insurance, affordable basic or full coverage.

Fit to Travel Pledge – to make all feel safe; you may be asked to sign an affidavit to adhere to the safety rules.

Helpful CV Resources–  Below are useful links to facts and stats to reference as you gear up for all your travel domestically and abroad.

  • Facts about coronavirus-symptoms/transmission/precaution/treatment
  • CDC entire situation summary
  • US State Department Travel Advisories (Often old news)

Vaccines –  Most trips require vaccination proof. Some countries may require full vaccination with booster. Others may only require a PCR test or nothing. We will advise you.

Outbound Covid Test –  First read your specific airline rules on airline website of what may be required. We will advise you if you need RT/PCR test 48 to 96 hours from the time of your first flight out to enter the country. Google “free Covid test near me “or ask your health provider. Most tests are free at urgent care centers or covered by insurance. (Private labs are fast but costly). Make an appointment for a rapid PCR test with results back 24 hours or less. Print a copy and take a photo on your phone of your negative test to show.  (If you test positive, retest again. Some test results are false positive. If you had Covid in the past 90 days, you can still be cleared for travel with a doctor’s note. Quick MD or MD anywhere can assist. Call us first.)

Homebound Covid Test –  Check if your airline requires PCR to depart.

Antigen test on USA return – if this Gov. rule still applies, we will set up group test 24 hours before you depart home. Or you can bring own mail in test kit. Ensure it is CDC approved and Wi-Fi available to test online. (Although rare, if you test positive for return, retest again. You may be isolated into quarantine in hotel at your expense. Tour operators cannot bear this cost or any fees resulting from airline or government restrictions. It is the sole responsibility of each traveler. Our local ground team will assist you throughout. Getting adequate travel insurance is more important than ever. Know your policy coverage).

Please be advised that the operation of some tours may need to be rearranged or modified to suit local conditions, but all activities stated will be included.  We are here for you to address any questions about your trip. In time, we believe travel will begin to normalize with less rules and we appreciate your cooperation until then.  Now more than ever before, travelers value the privilege of travel to explore our world. You’ve been waiting so long, it’s time for recess!