How & Why Suzy Started It All…

I think my daddy passed on that escapism gene as I was born with a gypsy spirit and insatiable wanderlust. As girlfriends collected dolls, I collected globes to spin and dream. I longed to visit places far from home and became a flight attendant. For 14 years, I used my “wings” to explore distant lands alone. My first trip abroad was eye-opening Congo deep in Africa and my love affair with travel began! My goal was to get 100 different countries stamped in my passports to join the Century Club. But after attained, I was hopelessly hooked with a passion to see more.

My travels were rewarding but self-serving. I wanted to expose to others the spiritual enrichment international travel affords. Thus, AFS was born in 1989. (My first trip was leading pampered millionaires to play polo with Prince Hassan‘s Royal Jordanian Polo Club.) I then felt confident to lead anyone everywhere. I push people to go to farther horizons and save places closer to home for later years.  Over three decades, I love my avocation. I do travel trade shows and site inspections to find you thrilling venues. Some competitors knock off our trips, but we remain gratefully blessed with two words taped on our computers; Integrity and Perseverance. I’ll be doing this gig a long time-until perhaps when we will be Adventures For Seniors or until I pass on. I’m determined to die with memories of perpetual wonders-not just dreams!

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