How do I buy Travel Insurance?   There are several ways:

What are the benefits of Travel Insurance?


  • No exclusion for epidemics and pandemics
  • Missed Connection Benefit Up To $2,500 (amount dependent on plan purchased)
  • Up to $250 if you miss a prepaid event/activity due to a change in itinerary made by a cruise or tour operator.
  • Revocation of previously granted military leave or reassignment due to war
  • Revocation of previously approved time off from work
  • You will also be covered when your travel plans change if you are:
  • directly involved in your company’s merger or acquisition
  • if they are a victim of a felonious assault within 10 days of the departure date
  • if family or friends living abroad with whom you are planning to stay are unable to provide accommodations due to a covered illness, injury or death
  • Job termination or layoff provided your employed by the same employer for one continuous year – no longer a two year employment requirement
  • Mental or nervous conditions are covered if you are hospitalized for any length of time – no longer required to meet three day minimum
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Amazing Benefits of Trip Insurance

  • Our industry-first Cancel for ANY Reason Cash Benefit.
  • Protection against Inclement Weather.
  • Protection against Terrorism.
  • Protection against Financial Insolvency with NO restrictive lists.
  • Payment for Rebanking of Frequent Flyer miles.
  • Coverage for Pre-Existing Medical Conditions.
  • Coverage for Mental, Nervous & Psychological Disorders.
  • Coverage for Domestic Partners.
  • Hospital of Choice for Emergency Medical Evacuation.
  • 24-hour Emergency Assistance from anywhere in the world.
  • 24-hour Concierge Services.
  • The Highest Coverage Limits and Most Comprehensive Coverage Available in the Industry.
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What is the “Cancel For Any Reason” benefit under the Platinum Plan and how does it work?

With the “Cancel For Any Reason” benefit option, If You cancel Your Covered Solo Travel Trip for any reason not otherwise covered by this plan, you will be reimbursed for seventy-five percent (75%) of the prepaid, forfeited, nonrefundable Payments or Deposits You paid for Your Covered Trip provided:

(a) Your plan payment is received within fifteen (15) days of the date Your initial deposit/payment for Your Covered Trip is received; and

(b) You insure all prepaid Covered Trip costs that are subject to cancellation penalties or restrictions; and

(c) You also insure within fifteen (15) days of the payment for those arrangements the cost of any subsequent arrangements (or any other arrangements not made through Your travel agent) added to Your Covered Trip; and

(d) You cancel Your Covered Trip two (2) days or more before Your Scheduled Departure Date.

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What about Covid19 delays or problems?

Insurance companies are learning to adapt to the situation and many are behind the ball in our opinion. This is why we switched companies on who we recommend. Click this link to choose from a variety of companies and plans. It’s important to ask who has the best coverage to cover COVID-19 delays or problems.  Click here for details

Coronavirus Virus Disease 19 (COVID-19) is the official name of the 2019/2020 coronavirus, as stated by the World Health Organization on Tuesday, February 11, 2020. Below, you will find coverage information regarding Travel Insurance plans.  COVID-19 was officially declared a public emergency by the World Health Organization. While travel suppliers and airlines are trying to accommodate travelers, some delays and cancellations are inevitable. Travel Insurance understands those with plans affected by the coronavirus will have questions about their coverage, and they are encouraged to call us 24/7 with any questions.


Are epidemics and/or pandemics excluded from coverage in Travel Insurance plans? No. Travel Insurance does not exclude epidemics and/or pandemics from coverage.  However, most coverages require a triggering event to occur. Triggering events that may occur because of the coronavirus are discussed below for several coverages.  Is Cancel for Any Reason still available if I purchase a plan after February 11, 2020? Yes. Cancel for Any Reason is still available as an optional benefit for the Travel Insurance plan (not available in NY).

When must I buy my plan to be eligible for Cancel For Any Reason?

Within 14 to 21 days of the date of your initial trip deposit or payment is received for your trip.

When must I cancel my trip?

48 hours or more days before your scheduled departure date.

Do I still have the Trip Cancellation benefit in my plan if I buy Cancel for Any Reason?

Yes! We will always check to see if you are canceling your trip for a covered reason under the Trip Cancellation benefit first! That way you are eligible to receive more than 75% of your non-refundable, prepaid trip costs back.


Trip Delay – Additional meal, local transportation and accommodation expenses may be reimbursed up to the amount provided by the plan if you have left home and travel is delayed 6 hours or more due to common carrier (such as airplane) delays or cancellations. Coverage may also apply due to quarantine. Additional covered reasons may apply. The dollar amount of coverage will be based on the plan you selected. Please refer to your plan documents for complete details.

Missed Connection – This benefit can reimburse unused land and water arrangements and additional transportation to catch up to the trip if you miss your cruise or tour departure because you are delayed for three hours or more by a covered reason. Covered reasons can include a three-hour delay of a common carrier (such as an airplane), or if you are placed in quarantine due to the coronavirus. The dollar amount of coverage for Missed Connection will vary depending on the plan you purchased. For more details, please review your plan documents.

Trip Interruption – Travel Insurance plans offer Trip Interruption coverage for your travel arrangements if they are disrupted and you must join your trip late, leave early, or return later than originally scheduled due to a covered reason. Depending on the Travel Insurance plan, covered reasons to interrupt the trip can include quarantine due to the coronavirus or a government-mandated shutdown of an airport or air traffic control system for reasons other than terrorism or an act of war. You may also be covered if you lose 50% or more of your scheduled trip duration due to quarantine because of the coronavirus or due to a common carrier (such as an airplane) delay. Trip Interruption bases the dollar amount of coverage on the amount of trip cost you insured on the plan. To be certain that you have this protection, please review your plan documents or call the Travel Insurance Company.

Trip Cancellation – Travel Insurance plans offer Trip Cancellation of your trip if your arrival on the trip is delayed and causes you to lose 50% or more of the scheduled trip duration due to the reasons covered under the Missed Connection benefit. Covered reasons can include if you are quarantined and it results in you losing 50% or more of your scheduled trip duration or if a common carrier (such as an airplane) delay results in you losing 50% or more of your scheduled trip duration. The dollar amount of coverage is determined by the amount of trip cost you insured on the plan. Please read your plan documents for specific information.

This information is a general overview of coverages that may apply if travel plans are impacted by the coronavirus. The coverage available for your trip will be based on the terms in your travel protection plan. Additional terms apply to all coverages discussed. Additional coverages may be able to provide benefits. Please refer to your plan documents to learn more or contact the company with questions. Agents are available 24/7 and happy to help.

What are Pre-Existing Conditions?

Medical conditions for which there is treatment; or a recommendation for treatment, diagnostic test or exam; or for which drugs or medicine are prescribed during the 60 days prior to your effective date with Travel Insurance are considered Pre-Existing Conditions. This means we look back 60 days prior to the date you purchased the insurance, which is significantly less than many of our competitors.

Important: The policy exclusion for Pre-Existing Conditions will be waived, if:

1. Your enrollment form and your premium payment is received (or, if mailed, is postmarked) within 15  days of the date your initial trip deposit is received;

2. You insure all prepaid trip costs that are subject to cancellation penalties or restrictions (see Enrollment Form for more details); and

3. You are not disabled from travel at the time you pay your premium.

Unless you meet the Pre-Existing Conditions Waiver requirements detailed above, the policy does not cover your Pre-Existing Conditions and those of a traveling companion or an immediate family member traveling with you. Unlike some of our competitors, however, our Pre-Existing Condition requirements apply only to travelers, not to non-traveling family members.

Note: Medical conditions that are treated or controlled solely with medication and remain treated or controlled without an adjustment or a change in medication during the 60-day period prior to your effective date are not considered to be Pre-Existing Conditions. See the Travel Insurance policy for complete details about Pre- Existing Conditions.

Am I covered if the tour operator, airline or cruise line with which I have booked ceases operations or becomes financially insolvent?

Travel Insurance covers Pre-Departure Trip Cancellation or Post-Departure Trip Interruption due to Bankruptcy or Default (as defined in the policy) of an airline, cruise line or tour operator if:

The Bankruptcy or Default is not of the person, organization or firm from whom you directly purchased or paid for your trip; and the Bankruptcy or Default occurs more than 14 days following your effective date for the Pre-Departure Trip Cancellation Benefits.

Important: There is no coverage for any claim arising from either: 1) Bankruptcy or Default which occurs before your effective date of coverage, or 2) a filing of a petition for Bankruptcy which occurs before your effective date of coverage.

What happens if my flight is canceled?

Travel Insurance protects you in several ways. If your flight is canceled due to bad weather or an organized labor strike (provided the strike occurs after you pay your premium) you can take a later flight. You will be reimbursed for the additional transportation expenses to join your solo travel trip, less any refunds paid or payable for your original tickets and not to exceed the cost of one-way economy airfare, or first class if your original tickets were first class. Plus, you will be reimbursed for the cost of any unused land or water travel arrangements.

What if bad weather is predicted where I plan to travel? Will Travel Insurance cover me if I cancel my trip?

If, prior to departure or while on your trip, your hotel or resort is damaged or closed due to bad weather and the hotel or resort cancels your reservation (and cannot provide you with comparable accommodations elsewhere), you will be covered. See the TTravel Insurance  policy for complete details of this coverage.

Should I purchase insurance for the total pre-paid, non-refundable cost of my trip?

Yes. You should determine your premium amount based upon the total cost of your trip per person, including airfare. You do not need to include the cost of any travel arrangements that are refundable and not subject to cancellation charges or restrictions.

If you insure an amount less than your total prepaid trip costs that are subject to cancellation penalties or restrictions:

1. the maximum benefit for the Pre-Departure Trip Cancellation and/or Post-Departure Trip Interruption will be limited to the amount of coverage you purchased; and

2. there will be no coverage available under the optional Cancel For Any Reason benefit, if purchased. Also, there will be no waiver of exclusion for Pre-Existing Conditions and financial insolvency.

What happens if my bags do not arrive at my destination when I do? What do I do?

Travel Insurance covers all baggage delays of 12 hours or more during your trip. You will be reimbursed for personal articles you buy (such as toiletries, a change of clothing, etc.) up to $250. Be sure to keep receipts for anything you purchase. Travel Insurance will also track your delayed or lost baggage for up to one full year, if requested.

If I require medical care while on my trip, are my medical bills covered?

Travel Insurance plans provide coverage for medical expenses resulting from an illness or injury during your trip. If you must be medically evacuated to another facility or home, Travel Insurance also provides coverage, plus you can choose your evacuation hospital. See Travel Insurance policies for complete details of these coverages.

Travel Insurance includes a 24-hour worldwide assistance services to help you with medical or legal emergencies during your trip. See the Travel Insurance policies for complete details of these services.

Does Travel Insurance cover my frequent flyer miles?

Frequent flyer miles are not covered if you must cancel or interrupt your solo travel trip. If you cancel your trip for a covered reason, you will only be reimbursed the money actually paid for the solo travel trip. However, under the Gold and Platinum Plans, Travel Insurance will reimburse up to a limit of airline-imposed changes or reissue fees if your trip is cancelled by your travel supplier.

What is Zero Cost Trip Insurance and How Can It Save Me Hundreds?


The cost is found on the $0 line of the insurance form.  You get all the benefits of travel insurance (lost or delayed bags, medical, evacuation accident, etc) except one thing – Trip Cancellation.  You will not get reimbursed should you cancel the trip.  So if you want insurance and know you’re not canceling it may be worth peace of mind to spend a couple of bucks.  However, if you feel you may have to cancel, then it’s wise to buy whole package.  (The chart is for example purposes only.)

If I am waitlisted for a trip when must I purchase travel insurance?
You must purchase travel insurance once your waitlist has cleared and your deposit was then transferred to the “cleared” waitlist/reservation.

Example: On July 1, you give a “good faith” deposit for space to clear or open up on a specific trip and that space clears on August 1. It is only from August 1 that the clock starts counting and you have 21 days to purchase the travel insurance in order to meet the terms required for the Pre-ex Waivers, Financial Insolvency protection and our Cancel For Any Reason terms.

What are the Travel Insurance “Must Knows”?

Travel Insurance is a smart investment for many people, but it can be confusing if you have never purchased a plan before or still unfamiliar with its nuances. Below you’ll find high-level information about travel insurance, why it is important for every traveler, and how to stay prepared in case you do need to use the coverage.

How Does Travel Insurance Work?

Unlike home insurance or car insurance, travel insurance is purchased on a need basis for either individual trips or an annual term. The most popular type of travel insurance is a comprehensive plan which will provide a level of coverage for trip concerns, like trip cancellation or travel delay – and for emergency medical care

What is the Purpose of Travel Insurance?

Simple: to protect a financial investment in travel and one’s self from expensive emergency medical bills. While travel insurance cannot prevent travel mishaps, it can assist travelers in paying for or being reimbursed for unexpected changes in travel plans or emergency medical care – including evacuation costs, if needed

How Much Should Travel Insurance Cost?

Generally, your coverage should cost 4-10% of your trip cost. The premium of a plan will range due to the level of coverage and maximum benefits available in the plan. It’s important to understand how to calculate your trip cost correctly so you do not overpay (or underpay) for a plan.  You can always amend the trip cost after the initial purchase.

What is a Review Period?

Most travel insurance companies allow up to 10 days to review a plan you have purchased. Essentially, this is a grace period that allows you to read through the policy and decide if you purchased the right level of coverage. During this time you can cancel your policy, if you don’t think it’s necessary, or make adjustments to it to scale your benefits up or down.

Avoiding Travel Insurance Claims Issues

One of the biggest reasons travelers become dissatisfied with travel insurance is due to issues with filing a claim. Before you travel it’s important to know exactly what you need in case filing a claim is necessary. We recommend keeping all your receipts, having your policy number handy and keeping the correct phone numbers for your travel insurance company close by. This will help reduce frustrations during a claim process.