What is your policy should I need to cancel?

Cancellation Refund Policy: Send a written request for cancellation through email or text with your name and cancellation specifics to 770-432-8225. Please be aware that when a refund is due, a $155 administrative fee will be charged for each cancellation. If you opt to cancel 121 days before the departure date, you are entitled to a full refund, less the administrative fee. Regrettably, cancellations within 120 days of departure are non-refundable. It is essential to note that no-shows are considered cancellations and are not eligible for a refund. A grace period of three business days after booking is offered for full refunds in case of cancellations unless it is a last-minute booking. (Occasionally, there are special trips that have their own cancellation terms. These will be specified with the pricing on the itinerary.)

Switching Trips: If you wish to transfer from one trip to another, we kindly ask that you do so no later than 121 days prior to departure, and this can only be done once within the calendar year.  Availability for our forthcoming trips can be viewed online. A minimal fee of $50 will be charged for this alteration.

Airlines & Cruiselines: Please note that each airline maintains its own non-refundable cancellation policy. Cruiselines may also have varying cancellation terms. In rare instances, we will notify you if it impacts your trip.

PAYMENT SCHEDULE: AFS trips have three payment points:  Deposit, Mid-Point and Final Payment.  Each payment due date is specified on the specific Trip Itinerary and on your Trip Registration Details page once registered for a trip. Be mindful late payments can be considered a cancelation.  See our Terms & Conditions for specific details.

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