So many trips, how do I choose?

We challenge you to choose places you’d not normally visit on your own and to follow your heart. This is why we only present international tripschoices. We pride ourselves in not having “cookie cutter” tours like other operators. AFS strives to find unique and special activities for every trip. There is a perfect balance of cultural tours and leisure time. You will definitely meet interesting people and make new friends. Some trips can be culturally challenging or physically strenuous. Please choose your tour wisely.

Some AFS tours can be quite active involving long walking tours on cobbled streets or even strenuous river rafting. If you feel this would hinder you in the group, we suggest you contact Grand Circle (800-595-0405) as they cater to a more senior crowd with slower movement. Things differ in foreign countries.

Travel abroad always requires an open mind, flexible attitude and adventurous spirit. We love intrepid tourists who are willing to embrace the unpredictability and exoticism of foreign lands. The purpose of this journey is to have fun, explore, get great photos, make new friends and return home safely with memories always worthy of recollection.

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