5 Star Solo Travel Trips at a 3 Star Price

Have you considered taking your first solo travel trip? Traveling the world is a fabulous way to learn about other cultures, see new things, try new foods, and most importantly have fun, but unfortunately, when you’re planning solo travel trips, the costs can add up. At Adventures for Singles, we understand those challenges, and we’re committed to bringing our clients five star experiences on an affordable budget.


Booking Solo Travel Trips

When you book your own solo travel trips, you pay retail price for everything you buy. Even if you search for a deal, you still pay retail prices on airfare, lodging, tours, and food. In contrast, when you work with Adventures for Singles, we find the best deals, package them together, and sell them onto you. You get to enjoy the advantages of wholesale pricing with all the retail services you need added on top.


Group Travel Plans

When you travel with us, you get to enjoy the benefits of bulk pricing even though you’re traveling solo. We arrange group trips, and we book everything from airline tickets to hotel rooms all at once, but that doesn’t mean that you have to stay with the group the whole time. We build flexibility and options into all of our trips. Whether you head out on an African Safari or to a small town in Northern Canada to see the polar bears and the Northern lights, you get the best of both worlds.


Five Star Experiences

Of course, it’s not just about saving money. It’s also about the value of the experience. To create a five star experience for our clients, we make sure that they see the best a place has to offer. For instance, on our March 2018 trip to India, we take travelers through Delhi so they can see the main sites such as the India Gate, and the Taj Mahal, but we also get slightly off the beaten path with a tour of Amritsar and a visit to an elephant sanctuary.


Professional Expertise

The digital age has nearly eliminated the need for travel agents. Less than 20 years ago, people had to go into an office or spend a lot of time on the phone to buy an airline ticket, but now, they can just hop online and buy the tickets they need. That’s more convenient, but under the new model, consumers don’t get help planning their trips.

At Adventures for Singles, we use our professional expertise to create a compelling, exciting travel experience for you. Beyond that, we focus heavily on choosing the right places, the right times, and the right details. When you let us plan the trip, you get an experience that would be nearly impossible to plan on your own, and you can book it online. That means you get the benefits of an old school travel agency with the convenience of the digital age.


Ready to hit the road? Want a five star experience at an affordable price? Then, let us help you with your upcoming solo travel trips. At Adventures for Singles, we understand the joys as well as the challenges in traveling alone, and we craft an experience that works for you. To make the most of your next vacation, sign up for a trip with Adventures for Singles today.

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