Are You Searching For The Best Exotic Vacation Packages?

There’s a gazillion tour companies floating around the internet  – but how do you know which ones offer legitimate exotic vacation packages?

When planning a vacation, most travelers want the lowest price possible to escape. In order to go on a shoe string budget, naïve travelers search straight to “” and gravitate to whatever option is the “best deal.” Settling for the least expensive exotic vacation packages can eventually end up being waste of time and money on a place that will underwhelm you. Do you want to be bored to death eating at a fast food restaurant in Cancun, or do you want to experience something new, fresh, and exhilarating?

Adventures for Solo Travelers provides more than a vacation. We give you an unforgettable experience to be shared for years to come.

Let’s say a friend encourages you to visit Nepal. You want to do your own research. You Google local tour operators for Nepal. You pick “Yak on a Budget Travel”, because they are dirt cheap and you send them a PayPal deposit. Five months later, no one greets you at the airport upon arrival. Outside, Kathmandu assaults your senses, but you manage to hail a taxi to your 2-star hotel bordering on a youth hostel.  No breakfast, bad bed. Your guides are subpar. You get half-day tours daily instead of full days as promised in vans with no AC. At each famous site, the guide says, “Need money now for entrance fees.”  And the whole vacation continues to be miserable and frustrating for 8 long days of disappointment. Meanwhile, you watch other tour groups gleefully exiting deluxe motor coaches and head to the front of the lines for the best vantage points.

A gentle reminder dear travel lover – Do your research on exotic vacation packages credentials first!

Choose exotic vacation packages with a proven track record of reliability.

Carefully read their profile, specifically how they are different from other travel companies. Make a list of things that you want to see in the company. Is the company owner-run or is it presented through a travel agent who doesn’t want the expense nor responsibility of being the principal? Is it a cheesy website with template blocks to cut and paste in your contact details, looking like something designed by a teenager? Be extra cautious if stock photos are inserted instead of real people who actually traveled with this company.

Ask how long the tour operator has been in business. A year or less, I’d run. Are they fully licensed and bonded? Do they have IATA license and other credentials? Any reports to the Better Business Bureau is a huge red flag. Find reviews on Google. If an emergency happens, does the company have insurance to protect you? Understand that countless tour operators go out of business each year. What protection do you have if you paid for a trip in full and they close shop a week before you depart?

As you can probably guess, Adventures For Solo Travelers is an established tour company that provides all of the above amenities, all while giving you the best exotic vacation packages. We have has successfully sent groups around the world since 1989 and over 70% of every group are repeat travelers. Among those, countless lifelong friendships were forged and 23 marriages have occurred from the love of traveling.

Do you want an authentic traveling experience? 

See our IRL photos, showing real people on their trips (no stock photos necessary). You can view hundreds of happy testimonials, each honest and trustworthy. Invest the time in researching who you’ll use to book your exotic vacation packages. After all, it’s more than just about money. You’re investing in a thrilling adventure to provide you forever memories.

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