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Never underestimate the mysterious beauty of India. Everyone knows of the wonders of Delhi and the strange, romantic Taj Mahal. In truth, they are “must see’s—destinations you see on a postcard, or browsing a ‘top ten places to go in india’ list. But after you witness India’s greatest hits the question remains—where do you go from there? It’s almost hard to imagine the amazing experiences that await in any direction. I like to say India a bombardment of sights, sounds, taste, and smell. It is a place that can all at once overwhelm your senses and also a place that can bring you peace.

Do you dare venture beyond the cookie cutter India trips? The solo groups where you see the safe highlights without wonderment or inspiration? Or do you travel with Suzy and Adventures For Singles a solo groups that with absolute certainty will go beyond your wildest expectations. The vibrant colors of the people and the country will leave a permanent mark in your soul.

The trip “Punjabi Boys & the Dalai Lama” offered by Adventures for Singles gives the solo traveler that rare opportunity to see an India that many only read about. Yes, you get your dose of Delhi and the Taj, but you also get immersed in those cultural experiences which set India apart from any other country.

Let Our Solo Groups to India Take You Away From The Norm

Discover three distinct lands that blend into a peaceful community who loves to receive visitors. I did this on my own last year. I present one of the most unique India Tour Packages for you who want to travel outside of the box of a tourist-trodden path. (see my blog). It’s such an easy journey with just two short internal flights. By the time you return you’ll feel you’ve ventured into two different planets!

Welcome to Amritster, land of the friendly Sikhs. At first sight, I fell in love with these gentle souls wearing funny neon turbans. Check into the Hyatt and explore the Old Bazaar. At the famous Golden Temple, we’ll help serve 100,000 lunches in the world’s largest kitchen. In Attari, attend the spectacular Flag Ceremony at the iconic Waghah Border Crossing. Frenetic and colorful, you’ll want to linger in Punjab.

Traveling to the Punjab region to the north, you will not just witness daily life and rituals, you become a part of them. Who wouldn’t want the opportunity to visit Dalai Lama’s cultural home of Dharamshala and spend time with Monks who have trained with His Holiness? Or work side-by-side with Sikh pilgrims to feed the poor in the world’s largest soup kitchen at the iconic Golden Temple? Oh, and don’t forget spending time caring and pampering elephants.

This solo groups highlights an India that goes beyond your standard tour. India is a country to be touched and truly witnessed and lived, not just viewed from a bus. This trip will change you.

‘Sikh’ and ye shall find fantastic fun! This is for those of you with wanderlust who want a story to tell. It will reboot your heart with an attitude of gratitude. Just bring your curiosity. Join us on a vacay to learn in-depth about the pursuit of happiness!

Before you hit the road for your next big adventure, you should check out some more solo travel ideas. If you want to join a group for your next solo adventure, contact Adventures for Singles today!

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