Can I get my own room?

Hotels limit single rooms per group (usually to 2 or 3) and depending on price, they can go quickly. The single supplement rates are determined by the hotels and can add up quickly, often $600 or more.   Cruise ships often charge nearly double. If available, you can buy a single supplement on any trip, but we encourage you to let us match you according to your age and do our best to match personalities.

I’ve had amazing success in matching roommates for over the decades. You’re only in the room to sleep. Courtesy is contagious. Please be respectful of the other’s privacy. We require a no smoking policy for room sharing, unless both parties smoke. Also, please don’t gossip. “Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, and small minds discuss others.”  Save your money for sleeping and use it for shopping!

On our booking form under “accommodations,” we default to Shared.  When choosing SS Must, do not buy air until your room is confirmed by AFS.

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