If I am traveling alone, will you find me a roommate?

Yes we will find you a great roommate.  There’s no single supplement if you are willing to share and we are limited with only a few single rooms per group.   Suzy works hard to match you with a compatible roommate according to your age and personality to save you money. Please understand minimal time is spent in your room on these trips.  We never offer triples.

How well do we match roommates?

Here is a recent note from a client…

“I must  compliment you once again with the roommate assignments.  I do not know how you figure out who gets along with each other but once again you assigned me with another lovely roommate” –  Kathy G.

“We just clicked and had soooo much fun.  Can you  imagine she implied I was a “true Southern Belle.”  Oh yeah, she is a yankee from Philadelphia.   We had sooo many laughs.  I’m sure we will be in touch with each other.“ – C. Mitchell

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